Rules of cooperation

Rules of cooperation include, among other things:

Recruitment and selections of employees

Depending on the offered position, we select the most effective method to search for a suitable candidate. After pre-selection of applications sent and recruitment interviews conducted by recruits with many years of experience, we present our client with candidates fulfilling their expectations.

Verification and assessment of the candidates (Assessment Center)

Method of assessment of knowledge and competency of candidates developed on the basis of observation of potential employees during their work on tasks similar to those occurring at the particular position.

Temporary work service

It is a flexible solution for employment of workers in sectors with substantial seasonality or high fluctuation. As part of our services, the agency takes over both the recruitment process and personnel and payroll services for temporary workers.

Try & Hire Service – trials of employees before permanent employment,

By hiring an employee, the employer takes up the risk of being dissatisfied with the quality of their work.  As part of Try&Hire service, in the first months, the employee is hired by the agency under   a temporary employment agreement. If their performance is satisfactory, the employer hires that employee within their structure. It is the most frequently used method in the case of specialist positions.

Consultations regarding human resources management and job market.

After an analysis of the personnel situation presented by the Client, we indicate options of using the most appropriate HR tools (recruitment, flexible employment, adaptation plans, employee assessment, career paths etc.).

Implementation of modern HR tools.

Practical implementation of HR designed for a given client (description of the positions, succession plans, talent management, development of career paths etc.).

International recruitment,

Recruitment of candidates for trusted foreign partners as well as employment of foreigners for the employers from Poland.

Recruitment of people with disabilities.

Employment of people with a degree of disability is connected with decrease of employment costs for the employer. We help you find such employees.

Services concerning casual commission-based work

Client support during short-term increase in demand for additional personnel.

Servicing events,

Providing proper personnel during promotional campaigns, leaflets distribution and events.

Job posting

Service directed to all employers who would like to reach, through our website, the highest possible number  of candidates fulfilling their expectations.

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